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Candid Wedding Photographers in Kolkata

Kolkata's Best Wedding Photography Packages

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Your one-day Love Story.

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Best Candid Wedding Photographers in KolkataKolkata's Best Wedding Photography Packages

If you are looking for the Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Kolkata we may not be the only one you will come across. But, if are in search of Kolkata's Best Wedding Photography Packages you have definitely come to the right place.
Candid Photography is a very common term in the Wedding Photography sector these days worldwide.
But every ones perception towards Candid Wedding Photography are hugely different and on obvious reasons both all are valid.
You may like have a look at a detailed discussion about this here What is Candid Photography
We are a team of Candid Wedding Photographers in Kolkata with a huge network of Creative Professional Photographers and videographers in Kolkata to provide you the best in class 'Value for Money' Candid Wedding Photography Services.
We do provide videography of both kinds Traditional and Cinematic, which you may like to choose according to your requirement and Budget.
In this section Kolkata Wedding Video | Cinematic Wedding Video Bengali have tried to do a detailed overview about the Wedding Videography Services we offer to our Kolkata and other city clients.
We also Provide Pre Wedding Couple Photography and Videos. 
Please check below for more details. Pre Wedding Photography in Kolkata | Pre Wedding Photoshoot locations in Kolkata

FRESH COLLECTION !!!  Candid Wedding Photography Kolkata 2017 

Watch this space again for more updates ...

Low Cost Wedding Photographers in Kolkata | Kolkata's Most Affordable Candid Photography
Yes you got it right !
We are one of the Premium low cost wedding photographers in kolkata and we take pride in providing Kolkata's Most affordable candid photography
But how do we do that? Ever wondered? How can something good is also available so cheap?
A quick look on these posts might save your time and give you a bit entertainment. Just check the links below.
5 solid hacks to save more on Wedding Photography
Stop looking for packages, look for artists
The sudden Hype in Wedding Photography and its real worth
Are Low cost Photographers really Bad?
The Hypo-crisis of Expenditure of Future Indian Weddings and the Hype related to it
The proposed bill to slash the Indian wedding budget to 5 lacs Rupees
If you have not got enough time to visit and read each and every pages, here is a gist of those given below.
1. Candid Photographer Kolkata is a solution to Save your money while doing a last Minute booking and end up paying a premium.
2. We do not sell Packages, instead we provide you with a portfolio of works of extremly passionate yet not-so-famous Photo-Artists who can create wonder with their creativity and skills and without putting a hole in your pocket.
3. Candid Photographers always existed in the world, it is the latest boom in Social media which has made it sharing so easily.
4. Candid Wedding Photography is no rocket science and hence not always has to be costly.
5. We spend more not only to get quality, but also to Show-off ! Its a fact.

Kolkata Wedding Video | Cinematic Wedding Video Bengali

Wedding Videography is an integral part of any Wedding Photography packages. 
Without proper Full HD Wedding Videography, your wedding package remains incomplete. Videos are the true essence of the moments long past.
CANDID PHOTOGRAPHER KOLKATA team Provides Affordable Traditional Wedding Videography and Cinematic Wedding Videography at the best possible Prices. Our Packages are customized to suit your every need and taste. Our Videographers are all Professional and editors are tech savy, making sure every bit of work is done in a perfect way.
We have a mix and match of almost every kind of wedding videography into out folio. Starting from South Indian wedding videos,Hindu wedding videography, Gujarati wedding videography, and Punjabi/Haryanvi wedding Cinematography,Muslim wedding videos and Candid Bengali wedding videos.
Every Wedding Videos are carefully written into Highest Quality DVD's and with a Hard Cover presented to the clients in a Professional Way. Every piece of Product we Provide is a souvenir to preserve for long.
To get a customized package of Wedding Videography / Cinematography for weddings in Kolkata, contact immediately.
Candid Wedding Photography in Kolkata | Candid Photographer Kolkata

What is Candid Photography ?

As per wikipedia , a candid photo is a photograph captured without creating a posed appearance. 

Pre Wedding Photography in Kolkata | Pre Wedding Photoshoot locations in Kolkata

Pre wedding photography in kolkata is nothing new. And one big reason is the number of pre wedding photoshoot locations in kolkata
Since the increased use of media technology the Taboo of 'being in love' is a matter of past. Couples are expressing affections with each others and sharing the best moments spent together their loved ones. And before they tie the knot, they wants to keep a small photobook with a few moments of their pre-marital relationship.
Photographs are memories of moments in Life. And Kolkata being the Cultural Capital of India, hosts an excellent pool of Candid Photographers to freeze your best moments.
Please have a look at our Pre Wedding Photography in this page 'Couple Photoshoot in Kolkata' and express your comments down the page.
pre wedding photoshoot locations in kolkata | pre wedding photoshoot in kolkata
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Bengali Wedding Photography Kolkata | Indian Bengali Marriage Rituals

Why does photographers around the world loves to shoot Bengali Weddings in Kolkata ? what so special?
It is the vibrant colours of Indian Bengali Marriage Rituals that makes it so special and almost a Photographers Paradise to cover.
Yellow and Marigold blended with the turmeric paste fills the atmosphere with vivid yellow hue during the Haldi or 'Gay Holud' ritual.
Next comes the Benarasi Saree (a special silk saree made in Varanasi, India) with all its royal attributes to drape the Bengali bride to all its completeness.
To see the colourful photographs of Bengali Weddings and Rituals in Kolkata please visit Rituals
bengali wedding photography kolkata | wedding photography prices packages

Wedding Photography Poses

Why there are a lot of discussions about Wedding Photography Poses
How much important/relevant is it at today's date of Candid Photography?
Indian Bridal poses for Photography
Couple Photoshoot and Portraits requires a lot different poses to get different perspectives while working under various limitations.
So along with candid images we also stress on bridal portraits and couple shoot sessions.Please have a look at Indian Bridal poses for Photography.
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Kolkata Wedding Photographers | budget wedding photographers in kolkata
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Wedding Photographer Kolkata Price | Wedding Photography Prices Packages

Your search for Kolkata's most affordable yet best quality wedding photography packages ends here.
CANDID PHOTOGRAPHER KOLKATA offers you some of most irresistible Candid Photography Packages that will surprise you.
Our Candid Wedding Photography and Videography Packages are designed such a way that it can suffice the requirement of the most basic level events, and are so affordable that you might like to keep a booking immediately.

Kolkata Photography Job | Freelance Photography job in Kolkata | Wedding Photography Job in Kolkata


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